PET Speaking Examiner Certification & Re-/training in March 2023


Thank you to all who have agreed to act as Speaking Examiners for the PET exams on 6th and 13th May 2023.

In order to be eligible to examine this year, each Speaking Examiner is required to attend an annual Certification of Procedure (CofP) meeting

We will be running the following Certification of Procedure sessions in March and April from 14.00 to ca.17.30h




TUE 21 MARCH 14-17.30h  REGENSBURG (F2F)    
WED, 22 MARCH 14-17.30h  MUNICH (F2F)    
THU, 23 MARCH 14-17.30h  ONLINE    
SAT, 25 MARCH 14-17.30h  ONLINE    
WED, 29 MARCH 14-17.30h  NÜRNBERG (F2F)    
THU, 30 MARCH 14-17.30h  MUNICH (F2F)    
THU, 30 MARCH 14-17.30h  ONLINE    
SAT, 22 APRIL 14-17.30h  ONLINE    


For those new to examining, you will need to be trained. Dates and times to be confirmed.  Please make the choice in the appropriate box below. 


If you have not examined in the last two years, we ask you to do a brief retraining session. Please make the choice in the appropriate box below. 


There are two days of exams: 6 and 13 May. You can examine on both days or just one. Please make the choice in the appropriate box below.

Examiner Certification


Do you have a questions? Feel free to contact us:

Cambridge Examinations Team


Cambridge English

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80333 München T +49(0)89 212 69 706